Success in Amsterdam for our partner Alpex Feed d.o.o. and their business partners 21 September 2017

Our partner Alpex Feed d.o.o. and their business partners visited Amsterdam on 14-15 September. This seminar, organised in collaboration with Alpex Feed, was a great success!

Various innovations were presented, including Fulvic Clean and DeBaas. This, of course, also included an update of our existing portfolio, as well as pertinent presentations about topics such as Yucca Plus and SanYu.

Participation of Jadis in the Provet Henry Schein Seminar in Switzerland 21 September 2017

On 13 September 2017, more than 90 percent of Swiss feed producers attended the Provet Henry Schein seminar. This year's topic was „Moderne Futterzusatzstoffe in der Tierernährung - Stand und Perspektiven“ [Today’s feed additives in animal diets - state of the art and perspectives]. Attention was focused primarily on optimising the phosphorus and calcium content, as well as improvement of the efficacy of phytase using ACID BUF.

Bosma Transport and Storage expands 20 July 2017

Our logistics partner Bosma Transport and Storage B.V. expands. Bosma has an extra warehouse available  since the beginning of July, which offers space to 3,300 pallets. The expansion has taken place at the back end of the existing warehouse and is largely furnished with Jadis products.

We congratulate Bosma with their successful expansion!

Process technology innovation in collaboration with the Feed Design Lab 04 July 2017

On Friday, 12 May, we had a lovely, highly instructive day with our partner Feed Design Lab. This day focused on the renewal of process technology.

We presented various Microtracer applications along with the TRACO system. Many interested parties came to visit; and in our mind this day marked the successful collaboration with the FDL.

Feed Design Lab, thank you very much for the organisation!

Yucca Plus is more sustainable! 11 April 2017

We received great news from our partner from Mexico.

Baja Agro International S.A. de C.V. was born as a processing company heavily reliant upon sustainable development, becoming a leader in the sustainable use of the desert plant known as Yucca schidigera and as we informed you in past releases, we’ve installed a photovoltaic system connected to our grid which now we have decided to expand to generate yet more clean and green energy for our industrial plant.


Jadis Additiva


Natuurlijke, veilige en hoogwaardige ingrediënten, die het voer van (huis)dieren naar een nog hoger kwaliteitsniveau tillen.

Jadis Additiva


Natuurlijke, veilige en productie verhogende ingrediënten, die een vruchtbare bodem vormen voor succes in de akker- en tuinbouw.