Jadis Additiva b.v. is an internationally operating organisation focused on the development, sales, and marketing of safe special-purpose additives. Jadis offers a diversified product range of safe additives, services, and hygiene products for the agricultural industry.


Our customers are our greatest source of inspiration. Our ambition is to get as close as possible to our customers. Thus we are using a personal approach to try to inform and inspire you and fill you with enthousiasm.

Jadis always tries to understand the customers' ideas from beginning to end, so as to be able to present a custom-made solution. By focusing primarily on our customers we are trying to realise healthy growth in order to guarantee our continuity and to offer you interesting advantages.

For Jadis, quality takes top priority. We are GMP+ and SKAL certified and have a department focusing exclusively on quality matters.

Our mission

Jadis Additiva b.v. offers valuable high-quality additives with a proven value. We are trying to achieve healthy top performances together with our customers, focusing primarily on realiability, innovation, and custom-made products. In this respect we are focusing on animal feed producers as well as the agricultural and horticultural sector. We are not limited by any boundaries at all.

The history

For more than 20 years, Jan Akerboom worked for a variety of companies in the animal feed sector. In 1996 the time was ripe to start his own company.

He named it Jadis Additiva b.v., as derived from "Jan Akerboom Distributie van Additieven". From the outset the decision was made to work with distributors. Thus, Scanphos-Denmark, Prochema-Austria, and Berner-Finland became Jadis distributors from the very first day. Step by step, the distribution network expanded in Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Portugal, and other countries. Customers in the BeNeLux countries are still served directly by Jadis Additiva.

In 1999, the joint venture named JoSeCo GmbH was launeched. JoSeCo's core activity is the production of low-dust premixes based on cobalt, iodine, and selenium, in order to enhance the product quality and the safety.

In 2001 the joint venture Microtracers Services Europe (MTSE) GmbH was established. MTSE specialises in the optimisation of mixing processes for producers of livestock feed, pet food, pharmaceutical products, and food for human consumption, as well as livestock farmers owning their own feed mixer wagons and feeding installations.

Jadis GMP+ has been certified since 2006. In 2012 Jadis also obtained the SKAL certificate (for more information on both certifications please see the chapter on the quality).


Jadis Additiva


Natuurlijke, veilige en hoogwaardige ingrediënten, die het voer van (huis)dieren naar een nog hoger kwaliteitsniveau tillen.

Jadis Additiva


Natuurlijke, veilige en productie verhogende ingrediënten, die een vruchtbare bodem vormen voor succes in de akker- en tuinbouw.