For Jadis, quality takes top priority. Our GMP+ and SKAL certifications, our QS registration as well as our participation in the Trust Feed programme demonstrate our product safety. We set great store by our quality control system which is managed by our special quality assurance department.

In addition, we are also members of the industry associations Nefato (national platform) and Fefana (European platform) and our quality assurance department is actively involved in the pertinent work groups. Via our partner network we continuously receive new information about international and national developments regarding the quality as well as the pertinent laws and regulations.

Quality assurance is a continuous process. Thus, our employees receive regular internal as well as external training in order to make sure that they are always up to date regarding quality issues, legal regulations, research, as well as product and market developments.

Our QM system is geared towards continuous improvement of our service level within all company departments in order to benefit our customers.


Jadis has selected GMP+ International as a quality standard for the company's QM system. For more information about GMP+ please see the website of GMP+ International.

Jadis is also biologically certified. This pertains to the import of biological products (from inside and outside the EU) as well as the wholesale trade in livestock feed. For more information regarding biological products please see the website of SKAL.

Jadis Additiva


Natuurlijke, veilige en hoogwaardige ingrediënten, die het voer van (huis)dieren naar een nog hoger kwaliteitsniveau tillen.

Jadis Additiva


Natuurlijke, veilige en productie verhogende ingrediënten, die een vruchtbare bodem vormen voor succes in de akker- en tuinbouw.