Animal health

Gastrointestinal and liver health

Animal welfare begins with the proper balance of gastrointestinal and liver health. When they are in balance, diseases have less of a chance and the animals are in top condition. This has a positive effect on the performance of the livestock and the yield for the farmer. We have various products that have proven to be effective:

Rumination and digestion

When the rumen is irritated by factors such as rumen acidosis or heat stress, cows ruminate less and production performance declines. As a result, the manure is thin, smells sour and contains many undigested particles. In a healthy rumen with a healthy rumen flora, rumen acidification has no chance. Acid Buf is our product that provides the perfect conditioning support for this.

Emission reduction

Reducing emissions of harmful gases in barns, such as ammonia and methane, has a direct impact on the health of the total livestock population and the environment. Besides, the climate is a highly relevant and important issue for emission reduction. Our following products can be of help here:

Minerals and trace elements

Animals need minerals and trace elements for many different processes in the body, such as growth and maintenance. However, the concentrations of these substances in raw materials are often inadequate, which can cause deficiencies that have a detrimental effect on animal health and production performance. It is therefore important to add high quality minerals and trace elements to the ration. In this context, Jadis Additiva offers the following products:

Stress reduction

Production animals that experience less stress are healthier and fundamentally provide better end products. Stress reduction can be influenced by investing in good nutrition. The following products may help in this context:


Vitamin K3 promotes blood clotting and increases carcass strength, especially in young animals. Our product range includes the following products:


Many products in our range have multiple positive effects when incorporated in compound feed. For example, the following agents have an anti-inflammatory effect, reducing the risk of (intestinal) infections and promoting animal welfare and health.

Feed efficiency

Feed efficiency

Feed efficiency measures how well a cow, pig or chicken utilises the ration. Higher feed efficiency will fundamentally lead to higher production per animal with the same amount of feed. Our following products encourage higher feed efficiency:

Stimulating feed intake

For (young) animals, stimulating feed intake is crucial and determines growth. It is important to provide sufficient nutrients for the development of the various physiological systems, such as the cardiovascular system, the lungs, the gastrointestinal tract, and the immune system. Intensify the taste of feed for even better feed intake? This is possible with our flavour enhancers. Please see our product range:

Technical applications

Animal bedding and hygiene

In a barn, good hygiene is very important. Animals kept in a hygienic living environment are less likely to come into contact with germs. Barn hygiene is especially important for new-born animals, as they are more susceptible to infections. Please see our product range:

Optimising mixing processes

In order to optimize mixing processes, we offer various products that can determine whether feed mixtures contain the correct dosage and are homogeneously distributed. Marking these allows for analysis in order to reduce chances of error. Our following products can be of help here:

SECURtracers® - counterfeit protection

SECURtracers® are microscopic, micro-engraved tracers. These are almost invisible to the naked eye and can be hidden or openly attached to or inserted into the product and packaging. SECURtracers® are used, among other things, for labeling, authentication, tracking and quality control. Individual variants enable application on or in the product, the packaging or, for example, on the freight documents.